XLAB is an IT solution company focused on management and automation in the Cloud, Remote Desktop, Visualization, CyberSecurity, IoT, HPC and Data Analytics, with its own interdisciplinary research team.

17 years on, and with a team of 120+, the company has become a synonym for technology innovation and excellence, open exchange of ideas, teamwork and – fun.

XLAB’s products and services, supported by knowledge and experience gained during collaborations in European and national research projects, are:

  • ISL Online, remote desktop software that allows users to instantly access and control any computer or mobile device over the Internet in order to provide technical support to remote clients or manage systems remotely. Delivered worldwide via cloud or on-premises since 2003.
  • XLAB Steampunk, partner for third-party integrations into Red Hat Ansible Automation and Red Hat CloudForms. Specialized in developing and supporting Ansible modules and CloudForms providers, for customers such as Red Hat, WWT, Nuage Networks and Atea.
  • SmartLocator, a solution for instant and accurate location retrieval of 112 calls deployed in several European countries.
  • MedicView, 3D dental and radiology imaging solutions used worldwide.
  • Gaea+, customizable 3D visualization solution awarded by NASA.

Long track involvement in EU research and innovation programmes FP6 (4), FP7 (15) and H2020 (21) projects places XLAB among Top 50 SMEs, in terms of Horizon 2020 signed grants, and 1st SME in Slovenia.

And the best part is – XLAB’s all open source with thousands of lines of code available on GitHub.

Get IT done.

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